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SKEPPSHULT Serving Pan Cast Iron Price: $165.00 (as of 24/02/2021 23:06 PST- Details)

Distributes & stores heat evenly
Cast without harmful chemicals
Stainless steel handle

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Skeppshult of Sweden manufactures artisanal cast iron cookware from strictly controlled raw materials in their factory in Småland. Made without harmful chemicals, their products have an exceptionally long life span, which explains how they can provide a 25 year cast iron warranty. Their natural and environmentally friendly cookware is made without harmful chemicals and requires little maintenance. Skeppshult cast iron is PFOA-free, PTFE-free and cadmium-free. Stainless handle is oven safe.

Diameter: 10″
Depth: 2.3″
Weight: 6 lbs.

Skeppshult’s factory operates the only remaining foundry in Scandinavia making household products in cast iron. Many phases in the manufacturing are still pure hand craftsmanship and dependent upon great professional skill. Undergoing an average of ten quality control inspections before completion, your Skeppshult cookware will withstand year after year of heavy use, metal utensils and high heat. Skeppshult pans are nearly impossible to wear out. Pre-seasoned with organic rapeseed oil, your Skeppshult pan arrives ready to use with a natural nonstick coating.

All Skeppshult cast iron cookware performs just as well on gas, ceramic, radiant, halogen or electric ranges as well as induction heat sources. Magnetic cast iron cookware heats quickly, disperses and stores heat better than other cookware material, and works well with high heat. Thanks to these qualities, cast iron provides an excellent roasting surface.

The bottom of each Skeppshult cookware piece has a slightly concave shape which adds stability to stovetop use and minimizes the risk of injury.

Distributes & stores heat evenly
Cast without harmful chemicals
Stainless steel handle
Concave bottom adds stability
Made in Sweden from virgin iron ore

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