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Just because you won’t be able to celebrate the New Year with a Great Gadsby-esque party, doesn’t mean you have to forego a delicious New Year’s Eve cocktail. Ring in the New Year with one (or many) of these festive and flavorful cocktails!

Leap Year Cocktail

Leap Year Cocktail recipe

Website: MK Library

This cocktail is worthy of a New Year’s celebration every year, not just on leap years. Deliciously citrusy with notes of orange and lemon coming through over a splash of gin.

Cranberry Lemon Drops

Cranberry Lemon Drops Recipe

Website: Seasonal Memories

Ring in the New Year with these festive cranberry lemon drops. These unique Lemon Drops will quickly become one of your favorite winter drinks. The tartness of the cranberries and lemons pair perfectly with a sweet simple syrup, proving they aren’t just for summer.

Chocolate Martini Cocktail

Chocolate Martini Cocktail recipe

Website: Become Betty

This Chocolate Martini recipe uses three simple ingredients: vanilla vodka, Godiva chocolate liqueur, and creme de cacao to make a deliciously balanced vodka martini. Modifications are listed if you wish to make this recipe dairy-free.

Apple Brandy Alexander Cocktail

Apple Brandy Alexander Cocktail recipe

Website: Slumber & Scones

The Apple Brandy Alexander Cocktail is a simple twist on a classic and a perfect way to waltz into the new year. This elegant drink features apple brandy, chocolate liqueur, and cream shaken together and topped with fresh nutmeg.

Cranberry Moscow Mule

Cranberry Moscow Mule recipe

Website: Happy Kitchen

Cranberry Moscow Mule is the perfect holiday cocktail recipe, be it Thanksgiving, Christmas or 4th of July! Easy to put together, easy to tweak, fun to drink and so delicious! Non-alcoholic version provided.

Vegan White Russian Cocktail

Vegan White Russian Cocktail recipe

Website: Home-Cooked Roots

This Vegan White Russian cocktail is perfect for the holiday season! It’s only 3 ingredients, prepared in a couple of minutes and requires zero fancy bar tools. This cocktail is sure to impress friends and family when entertaining.

Gingerbread Martini Christmas Cocktail

Gingerbread Martini Christmas Cocktail Recipe

Website: Aubrey’s Kitchen

This creamy gingerbread martini recipe with Baileys is more than just a delicious Christmas cocktail. It’s a festive cold-weather drink to welcome the new year at your cozy celebration this year.

Mulled Wine Spritzer

Mulled Wine Spritzer recipe

Website: Veggie Desserts

This mulled wine spritzer is a fun twist on the Christmas classic drink. Rather than a hot drink, I’ve put this cocktail on ice and given it a bit of fizz! Perfect for a New Year’s Eve party.

Pomegranate and Blood Orange Gin Martini

Pomegranate and Blood Orange Gin Martini recipe

Website: Homebody Eats

This classic and fruity gin martini recipe is sweetened with a hint of blood orange and pomegranate juice. This is an upscale, yet secretly easy martini recipe that would be perfect for New Year’s Eve!

Amaretto Liqueur and Ice Cream Cocktail

Amaretto Liqueur and Ice Cream Cocktail Recipe

Website: Julie Blanner

When the temperatures drop, I love to treat everyone to a Snowball cocktail after a delicious dinner. The slight bitterness of the almond amaretto flavor combined with sweet ice cream is the perfect pairing in this snowball recipe.

Prosecco Cocktails with Pomegranate

Prosecco Cocktails with Pomegranate recipe

Website: The Art of Food and Wine

Pomegranate juice and seeds are in season in the late fall and winter, making this cocktail perfect for the holidays. This cocktail is sweet, tart, and has just 4 ingredients.

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