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There’s no denying that Valentines Day is the sweetest of all the holidays.

Sure, it’s tempting to simply pluck a heart-shaped box of chocolates or truffles off of a store shelf and hand it to your partner. For those without a sweetheart, it’s even more tempting to pick up an extra one for yourself and eat the whole box in bed while you watch a rom-com.

So, instead of reaching for a store-bought package, why not make a unique Valentine’s Day treat straight from the heart this year? Whether you are spending the day with your significant other, or celebrating a Zoom-based “Galentine’s Day” instead, this assortment of homemade goodies will show someone that you have put in the effort and truly care.

Happy Baking!

Strawberry White Chocolate Bark

Strawberry white chocolate bark recipe

Website: It’s Not Complicated

This strawberry white chocolate bark is a deliciously sweet treat that is simple to make. You learn that you don’t need to be a skilled cook to make this spectacular confectionery; if you can melt chocolate you can make this beautiful chocolate bark!

Dark Chocolate Shortbread Slice & Bake Cookies

Dark Chocolate Shortbread Slice & Bake Cookies recipe

Website: One HOT Oven

Valentine’s Day deserves something sweet, so bake your sweetie these dark chocolate slice and bake shortbread cookies. It’s hard to resist these festive cookies with the colorful sprinkles and intense chocolate flavor.

White Chocolate Dipped Rice Krispies Treats

White Chocolate Dipped Rice Krispies Treats

Website: Lovely Indeed

A Valentine’s Day treat that’s just as pretty as it is delicious! Make some white chocolate dipped Rice Krispies treats for your sweethearts or with the kids.

Mini Flourless Chocolate Cake

Mini Flourless Chocolate Cake recipe

Website: If You Give A Blonde A Kitchen

This mini flourless chocolate cake is perfect for Valentine’s Day. The recipe makes two cakes in ramekins garnished with fresh strawberries.

Air Fryer Valentine’s Day Doughnuts

Air Fryer Valentine’s Day Doughnuts recipe

Website: Emily Fabulous

Air Fryer Valentine’s Day Donuts are the perfect way to show your valentine you care first thing in the morning or just a sweet treat. These are so easy to make and you can have them ready in less than 30 minutes.

Vegan Red Velvet Cupcakes

Vegan Red Velvet Cupcakes with cream cheese frosting

Website: Vegan Huggs

These vegan red velvet cupcakes with cream cheese frosting are perfectly moist and fluffy with a subtle note of chocolate flavor. They are easy to make and downright delicious!

Air Fryer Valentine’s Day Strawberry Pop Tarts

Air Fryer Valentine’s Day Strawberry Pop Tarts recipe

Website: Made in a Pinch

These air fryer homemade strawberry pop tarts are unbelievably easy to make with pre-made pie crusts, strawberry preserves, and a delicious glaze. Don’t forget the sprinkles on top!

Red Velvet Crinkle Cookie Sandwich

Red Velvet Crinkle Cookie Sandwich recipe

Website: The Short Order Cook

Red velvet crinkles make for a beautiful sweet cookie that is paired perfectly with cream cheese filling. For that extra Valentine’s Day pop, just as is or add a drop of red food coloring to the frosting to make it pink.

Gluten-Free Vegan Strawberry Cake

Gluten-Free Vegan Strawberry Cake recipe

Website: Rhian’s Recipes

This Gluten-Free Vegan Strawberry Cake is fresh and fruity, full of strawberry flavor and naturally colored. It’s also refined sugar free and perfect for Valentine’s Day!

Heart-Shaped Mirror Glaze Cake

Heart-Shaped Mirror Glaze Cake recipe

Website: Cooking Journey

The ultimate chocolate Valentines desserts to wow your loved one! Red mirror glaze cake, made with white chocolate mousse, frozen and dried strawberries, dark tempered chocolate. This blooming heart-shaped dessert is a perfect treat for your sweetheart.

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